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The Benefits of the 852 Hz Frequency

by BetterSleep
Sep 13 2023 • 4 min read

With the 9-to-5 taking over our lives and work chasing us home, most of us don’t have time to get some good sleep. That makes every bedtime important. If you’ve tried to get a good night’s sleep and nothing’s worked, the 852 Hz frequency might help. 

But what is it? And how does it help with sleeping better? In fact, can it even help? Let’s find out. 

What Is the 852 Hz Frequency?

The 852 Hz frequency is part of the Solfeggio scale, a six-tone scale used in music and sound therapy. Many people believe it promotes emotional and spiritual healing in the same way as a meditation practice, sound therapy, healing tones, and music therapy.

Others believe the 852 Hz frequency can help open the third eye chakra, which is linked to intuition, insight into the intuitive inner self, and self-awareness.

Plus, practitioners think the frequency encourages deep sleep and physical restoration by activating the brain’s Delta waves — low-frequency brain waves that may encourage deep relaxation and restorative sleep.  

Benefits of Using 852 Hz Frequency for Better Sleep

Many experts believe the 852 Hz frequency has many benefits. Let’s check out five of the best:   

1. Lowers Anxiety  

Many people claim that listening to the 852 Hz frequency can affect your heartbeat and create a sense of relaxation, which might be what you’re looking for if you struggle with anxious thoughts or feelings.

2. Helps You Align with Your Natural Rhythm 

The 852 Hz frequency could help regulate your body’s internal clock, encouraging a healthy sleep-wake cycle and making it simpler to sleep and wake up refreshed. 

3. Promotes Deep Relaxation 

Using natural sounds at 852 Hz, such as ocean waves or rainfall, may help you relax and mentally decompress before you sleep.

4. Reduces Insomnia Symptoms 

Users of the 852 Hz frequency report that consistently using sounds at higher levels may help to reduce symptoms of sleep difficulties. These sounds might also help you transition to sleep more easily.

5. Reduces Impact of Sleep Disorders

While no one claims the 852 Hz frequency is a replacement for medical therapy, people trust its soothing qualities because they’re thought to lower the severity of the symptoms people experience when suffering from sleep-related illnesses.

Other Frequencies for Sleep Improvement 

Apart from the 852 Hz Solfeggio frequency, other sound frequencies and auditory techniques are also proposed as natural sleep aids. 

Let’s understand why you should combine them with the 852 Solfeggio Hz frequency: 

1. Delta Waves

Low-frequency (0.5 to 4 Hz) Delta brain waves encourage deep relaxation. Sleep experts believe that your body begins physical and mental renewal processes like tissue regeneration and the release of helpful hormones in the Delta wave state of sleep. 

And while the 852 Hz Solfeggio frequency doesn’t generate Delta waves, it promotes circumstances conducive to achieving a relaxed state or Delta wave state. Sleep experts believe it helps manage blood pressure, relieve tension, and improve your ability to achieve deep, restorative sleep.

2. Binaural Beats 

Binaural beats occur when two slightly different frequencies are transmitted through headphones in each ear. The brain perceives the variance between the two frequencies as a third tone. 

Combining sound waves at the 852 Hz frequency with binaural beats can make you more aware and restore your energy, mental clarity, inner strength, and mental health.

3. Isochronic Tones

Single tones pulsed on and off at regular intervals, Isochronic tones can do wonders for better sleep. 

Plus, when paired with the 852 Hz frequency, these tones may help create an immersive sleep environment, improving how quickly you fall asleep and boosting sleep quality.  

How to Incorporate 852 Hz in Your Sleep Routine

Many people struggle to get enough restful sleep. However, making the most of the relaxing effects of the 852 Hz frequency can significantly improve your sleep quality.  

Here’s how to easily include this frequency into your daily sleep ritual: 

1. Make a Sleep Playlist

Adding sleep music that uses the 852 Hz frequency to your nighttime playlist might be one of the simplest methods to better sleep.  

Listening to these relaxing sounds may help you fall and stay asleep. You may not have to battle with insomnia every day anymore. 

2. Create a Relaxing Environment 

Some experts swear by the 852 Hz frequency to improve sleep experience. Creating a relaxing sleep environment may add to the benefits of the 852 Hz frequency.    

3. Practice Deep Breathing or Meditation

Consider using the 852 Hz frequency in your meditation sessions. BetterSleep offers dozens of Solfeggio frequencies you can incorporate into your sleep routine to achieve emotional balance and awaken a higher sense of intuition. 

4. Use the BetterSleep App

BetterSleep offers a range of sleep sounds to help you sleep better, including the 852 Hz frequency. Our app comes with guided meditations, bedtime stories, and a variety of soundscapes meant to improve your sleep habits and overall well-being. 

5. Play Guided Meditation or Music 

If you struggle to sleep because of overthinking, using music or guided meditations that include the 852 Hz frequency might help. These recordings may hypnotize you into feeling relaxed and tired, and that can improve sleep! 

6. Make It a Habit   

While including sound therapy in your sleep regimen is great for your body, it will not produce immediate results. 

Consistency is an essential aspect of sleeping better. So, create a routine or set aside some daily time to listen to the 852 Hz frequency. 

7. Combine with Other Frequencies

You should also combine 852 Hz with other frequencies or natural sounds to create sound therapy sessions. Apps like BetterSleep can help you do just that. 


Improving sleep quality in today’s chaotic environment can be challenging. But, the 852 Hz Solfeggio frequency facilitates a holistic approach to better sleep and improved overall well-being. It might lead to fewer sleep interruptions and enhanced mental clarity. 

Try BetterSleep. It may help you improve your sleep experience, general physical health, and spiritual well-being.

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